Best Online Casinos that Accept Interac

Interac is the preferred online payment method for many Canadian casino players. This homegrown payment processor was founded in 1984 and has become a staple service for securely handling a variety of digital transactions.

In this article, we’ll explore the key benefits of using Interac for online casino payments. First, we’ll look at the layers of security that protect your money and personal information when depositing or withdrawing funds. Interac uses industry-standard encryption and partners with major banks to provide robust safety measures.

Interac Payments

Next, we’ll walk through the simple process of using Interac at online casinos. We’ll cover everything from linking your bank account to completing deposits and withdrawals seamlessly. With clear step-by-step instructions, you’ll be making Interac casino payments in no time.

While Interac is predominantly used by Canadians, we’ll discuss where else you can use this payment service around the world. We’ll also provide details on Interac’s customer support channels, so you know how to get assistance if needed.

To wrap up, we’ll compare Interac to other payment methods like credit cards and e-wallets. By the end, you’ll have an in-depth understanding of how Interac makes online gambling safe, easy, and convenient for Canadian players.

Category Details
Launch Year 1984
Founders Royal Bank of Canada, Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, Scotiabank, Toronto-Dominion Bank и Desjardins
Services e-Transfers, online payments, POS, ATM network
Transaction Time <1 min (deposits); 1-3 days (withdrawals)
Fees Variable – set by banks
Availability Primarily Canada

Interac Payments Overview

Founded in 1984, Interac has become an integral part of Canada’s financial infrastructure. The payment network goes beyond traditional banking to facilitate a wide range of digital transactions for consumers and businesses.

Interac started by connecting the country’s major banks to create a shared electronic payment system. This allowed Canadians to access each other’s ATMs. It revolutionized finance by eliminating the need to use cash and visit one’s own bank for withdrawals.

Over the years, Interac continued to innovate:

  • In 1990, it introduced Interac Direct Payments to enable debit purchases directly from bank accounts at the point-of-sale.
  • In 2003, Interac e-Transfer was launched for peer-to-peer money transfers.
  • Then in 2007, Interac Online gave Canadians the ability to pay online via debit card.

With a focus on security, Interac has constantly upgraded its technology. It adopted EMV chip debit cards in 2008, contactless Interac Flash in 2010, and mobile payments through NFC in 2014. Each innovation made transactions faster, more convenient and secure.

Interac in Online Gambling

For online gambling, Interac is a preferred payment method amongst Canadian casinos and players alike. By linking your bank account to the casino, Interac facilitates instant, smooth transactions for deposits and withdrawals.

Players benefit from:

  • Speed – Dive into games quickly without delays.
  • Security – Interac utilizes multi-factor authentication and encryption to protect your money.
  • Convenience – Seamlessly move funds between your bank and casino account.
  • Reliability – Backed by Canada’s major banks and financial institutions.

With decades of experience in online payments, Interac gives Canadian players peace of mind to focus on fun and entertainment, not banking worries. Its evolution has securely streamlined iGaming finances.

Making a Deposit at an Online Casino Using Interac

Interac offers a seamless, secure, and swift payment process, ideal for online transactions. Follow these straightforward steps to begin enjoying online gaming with Interac.

  1. Verify Bank Support for Interac: Ensure your bank provides Interac services. Given that most prominent Canadian banks do, it’s probable that yours does too.
  2. Find Interac on Your Online Banking: Sign into your online banking and search for an option labeled “Transfers” or “Payments.” Here, you should locate Interac services, often under Interac e-Transfer.
  3. Connect Your Email or Phone: You will be prompted to associate an email address or phone number with your Interac account, which is essential for receiving payments.
  4. Add Funds to Your Interac Account: Transfer money from your bank account to your Interac account, typically available instantly.
  5. Head to the Casino’s Payment Section: Visit the casino’s website where you wish to play and proceed to the cashier or deposit section.
  6. Select Interac as Your Deposit Method: Choose Interac among the list of payment options and follow the instructions to finalize your deposit.
  7. Confirm Your Deposit and Start Playing: After confirming the transaction, your funds should promptly appear in your casino account, allowing you to begin playing immediately.

Withdrawing Your Winnings Using Interac

Interac also serves as an efficient method for withdrawing your winnings from online casinos. Just adhere to these steps to access your funds.

  1. Verify Withdrawal Support for Interac: Ensure that the casino offers Interac as a withdrawal option, not just for deposits.
  2. Access the Cashier Section: Go to the casino’s cashier or “Banking” area, typically accessible through your account menu.
  3. Choose to Withdraw Funds: Select the “Withdraw” or “Withdraw Funds” option in the cashier to start the withdrawal process.
  4. Select Interac for Withdrawal: Choose Interac from the available withdrawal methods, ensuring you don’t overlook this important step.
  5. Specify Withdrawal Amount and Details: Enter the amount you wish to withdraw and provide any required account details, including possibly a security question.
  6. Confirm Your Withdrawal Request: After inputting all necessary information, confirm the withdrawal. It’s wise to review all details beforehand.
  7. Wait for Withdrawal Confirmation: The casino will soon confirm your withdrawal request. The time frame for this can vary, ranging from a few hours to several business days.

Interac fast Deposits and Withdraws

How Long Do Withdrawals Take with Interac?

When using Interac to withdraw your winnings from an online casino, the total time frame can vary based on several factors:

  • Internal Processing Time – Every casino has its own timeline for approving withdrawals. This is typically anywhere from a few hours up to 2-3 business days.
  • Interac Transfer Time – Once approved by the casino, the actual Interac e-Transfer to your bank is very fast, usually 30 minutes to 1 hour.
  • Weekends/Holidays – Withdrawal requests made on Fridays or before holidays may take an extra business day to process.
  • First Withdrawal – If it’s your first payout, the casino may require extra identity verification which can add a day or two.

Under normal circumstances, you can expect the entire withdrawal process to take between a few hours and 3 business days at most Interac casinos. This makes Interac one of the fastest payout methods available.

The key is that once the funds are released by the casino, the Interac transfer itself is nearly instant. Much faster than options like bank wires or cheques, which can take up to a week for the money to actually arrive in your account.

Interac Fees for Online Casino Transactions

The fee structure for using Interac at online casinos can be confusing due to the involvement of multiple financial institutions. Here’s a breakdown of what to expect:


  • Most online casinos will cover the deposit fee for you. This makes funding your account with Interac free.
  • However, always verify the casino’s terms first. A small minority may pass the fee to players.


  • Withdrawing winnings may incur a fee, either a percentage or flat rate. This is charged by the casino.
  • Some casinos don’t charge withdrawal fees. But many will, so expect to see fees ranging anywhere from 2 CAD – 10 CAD per transaction.

Your Bank

  • Your specific bank may also charge fees for incoming or outgoing Interac e-transfers. These are separate from the casino’s fees.
  • Check your bank’s fee schedule to be aware of any costs on their end.

The key is to read the fine print of both the casino and your bank account to avoid surprise charges. Interac fees can vary widely, so do your homework to make the best choices when depositing and withdrawing.

Interac Verification

Interac makes the verification process straightforward by offering it online or via their mobile app. This provides easy accessibility for users.

To start, you’ll select your financial institution and log in with your existing online banking credentials. Leveraging your bank’s login strengthens trust and security.

Before proceeding further, you’ll need to review and accept Interac’s terms and conditions. This clearly outlines what to expect during verification.

Importantly, Interac asks for consent before collecting any personal information. You remain in control over what data is shared at each step.

Your banking credentials are never stored by Interac, adding a layer of protection. Any data you do provide is encrypted for transmission and not stored in their app.

You retain full control over data sharing with Interac. Strong fraud prevention protocols provide additional peace of mind during the verification process.

While a necessary step, Interac’s focus on consent, bank integration, encryption, and transparency aims to make verification straightforward and secure for users.

Interac pay in casinos

Interac Online vs e-Transfer: Key Differences for Online Casino Payments

Interac provides two main options for depositing at online casinos – Interac Online and Interac e-Transfer. Here are the key differences:

Interac Online

  • Directly links your bank account to the casino payment gateway for seamless transfers.
  • Logs you into your online banking interface to initiate deposits.
  • Compatible with major banks like RBC, TD, and credit unions.
  • Funds instantly transfer from bank to casino account.

Interac e-Transfer

  • Sends bank transfer using only an email and security question/answer.
  • Don’t need to log into bank account to deposit.
  • Enter casino’s provided e-transfer email to send the funds.
  • Takes slightly longer, but still fast. Funds available within 1-3 hours.

Both are secure, Canadian payment methods. Interac Online offers greater convenience by leveraging your bank’s login. But e-Transfer is compatible with more financial institutions. Check your bank and casino’s offerings to choose the best Interac option for you.

Interac Customer Support

Support Channel Details
Phone Support Yes, but only for Interac e-Transfer questions. Number is 1-888-238-6433.
Live Chat Interac Bot Help provides chat support for general questions.
Email Support Can report phishing/scams to [email protected], but no general email support.
Ticketing System No ticket/case submission system available.
FAQ Resources Helpful FAQs provided on Interac’s website.
Languages Supported English and French offered.

Key Notes:

  • Phone and live chat are for general questions only. For transaction issues, contact your bank.
  • Email support is limited to reporting phishing/scams.
  • No ticketing system to track case progress. Rely on bank for transaction assistance.
  • FAQ site is useful for quick answers on common Interac questions.

Interac Mobile Application

The Interac mobile application serves as a verification tool, offering a convenient way to securely connect to your bank account for authentication purposes. This feature is particularly beneficial for customers of BMO, CIBC, Desjardins, RBC, Scotiabank, and TD.

Although the app does not handle transactions directly, it enhances security. By adding an extra layer of protection, it significantly increases the safety of mobile casino gaming, ensuring a more secure mobile gambling experience.

Alternatives to Interac for Online Casino Payments

Online casinos that accept Interac deposits typically provide a variety of other payment methods as well. Depending on what suits your needs best, you might consider the following alternatives:

  • Visa and Mastercard: These are popular choices for secure transactions. The advantage of using bank cards includes comprehensive support and problem-solving services in case of any difficulties.
  • PayPal: Known for its reliability, PayPal is a widely trusted payment option. Casinos accepting PayPal provide excellent customer service, along with speedy and dependable transactions.
  • E-wallets: For those seeking quick payment processes, e-wallets like Neteller or MuchBetter are excellent options.
  • Cryptocurrencies: If privacy is a priority for you, cryptocurrencies offer a high level of financial anonymity. With a wide variety of cryptocurrencies available, you can find one that aligns with your preferences.

Interac’s Commitment to Security

A key aspect to understand about Interac is its collaboration with over 250 financial entities, including banks, credit unions, and other institutions. This extensive network guarantees that Interac adheres to the highest standards of bank-grade security, with a commitment to continually updating and enhancing its safety protocols.

The popularity of Interac as a payment method in online casinos is partly due to its effectiveness in mitigating the risks associated with divulging personal financial information. When using Interac, the worry of handing over your credit card or banking details to potentially untrustworthy websites is significantly reduced. This is crucial in avoiding sites that might compromise your financial safety. Interac’s Zero Liability policy further assures protection against unauthorized transactions, safeguarding users from losses not within their control. By choosing casinos approved for Interac transactions, users can enjoy a worry-free gaming experience, focusing on the enjoyment rather than the safety of their funds.

Reasons to Opt for Interac at Online Casinos

In the year 2018 alone, Interac facilitated over 7 billion transactions, solidifying its status as a widely trusted payment solution among online casino enthusiasts and other users alike. Known for its rapid transaction speeds, Interac boasts a reliable support team dedicated to assisting users with any concerns or issues that may arise.

The convenience of using Interac lies in its simplicity; it operates just like making a payment through online banking, a process with which the majority of online gamblers are already familiar and comfortable. The primary limitation of Interac, however, is its exclusivity to Canada, rendering it unavailable to international online casinos and their players.

Interac Mobile for online casinos

Benefits and Drawbacks of Using Interac at Online Casinos


  • Fast deposits and withdrawals – Transactions are typically processed instantly
  • Secure payment method – Uses encryption and multi-factor authentication
  • Links directly to bank account – No need for third-party services
  • Familiar to Canadians – A trusted household name
  • Low fees – More money goes toward playing


  • Limited availability outside Canada – Primarily only serves Canadian players
  • Not universally accepted – Some casinos don’t take Interac
  • Withdrawal delays – Can take up to 3 business days
  • No bonus incentives – Doesn’t offer special promos like other methods
  • Potential technical issues – System glitches can temporarily disrupt service
  • Transaction limits – Daily or monthly caps on transfer amounts


Interac has become the preferred online payment method for Canadian casino players due to its speed, security, and convenience. By linking directly to your bank account, Interac offers a smooth way to fund real money play and cash out winnings. While not accepted globally, it provides a domestic solution that’s familiar, reliable, and easy to use. With instant deposits and fast withdrawals, Interac lets Canadian gamers focus on the entertainment, not banking hassles. By understanding how Interac works with casinos, players can make the most of this secure payment network.


Is Interac safe for online casino payments?

Yes, Interac utilizes encryption and authentication protocols to keep transactions secure.

How long do Interac deposits and withdrawals take?

Deposits are instant, while withdrawals take 1-3 business days usually.

What fees does Interac charge at online casinos?

Most casinos cover deposits, but may charge withdrawal fees around 2-5% or 2 CAD - 10 CAD.

Can I use Interac outside of Canada?

Unfortunately no, Interac is predominantly limited to Canadian banks and financial institutions.

Does Interac offer live chat support?

Yes, but it's for general questions. For transaction help, you need to contact your bank.

What's the difference between Interac Online and e-Transfer?

Online links your bank account directly while e-Transfer relies on email and security questions.

Is Interac available at every online casino?

No, while widely accepted, some casinos only offer credit card and e-wallet options.

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