JetX3 Game

JetX3 Game

JetX3 is an online game designed and released by Smartsoft Gaming. It has very unique graphics, with animated spaceships playing the main role on your screen. You can also see stars and planets in the background when your spaceships are shooting to the sky and your multiplier is growing!
  • The game RTP is higher than average at 96.5 percent.
  • Although JetX3 is somewhat risky due to its high volatility, you may win big if you're fortunate.
  • The game's appearance and music are both fantastic.
  • The maximum payoff is only 2000 times your stake, which is a little low for a game with such high volatility.
JetX3 Game

JetX3 Game

Do you want to go on an adventure across space? Smartsoft Gaming developed and published JetX3, an internet game. When it comes to aesthetics, JetX3 has a distinctive style with animated spacecraft taking center stage on your screen.

Main Features

JetX3 is a new and improved edition of the original JetX, in which you could only control one plane. In JetX3, you may command a fleet of ships.

This will improve your chance of obtaining a more substantial win!

JetX3 Crash Game

JetX3 Crash Game

How to Play JETX3?

Place your bet as soon as the round begins. You may wager on Jet1, Jet2, or Jet3 ships. The minimum wager is unknown. The maximum bet is unknown. Each jet has its own set of betting sizes and coefficients that players can choose from. Use autoplay to automate betting and collecting. If you put all three ships into your bet and one or more of them blows up, you have a chance to win from the remaining jets.

How is the Wining Calculated

The amount of winnings is calculated by multiplying the current odds and placed bets.

How i Receive the Winning?

Collect any winnings from the previous bet before the jet explodes. All bets on destroyed jets will be void if the plane detonates.

What Happens if i get Disconnected?

If the player quits a game without having placed a bet:

  • Until the round concludes, the player can manually pick up the win if it returns until the round ends. Otherwise, play continues until the bet loses or reaches its maximum profit limit.
  • If the “autocashout” is switched on, the win will be automatically received if the multiplier is attained before the end of the game. Your balance will be increased by the amount won.

How to Bet in JETX3?

The minimum wager is 0.1€, with a maximum commitment of 300€. Keep an eye on how high the ships rise and how the odds change as you begin the game. The High price is not set in stone.

If you want to withdraw money before the explosion, do it now! If one or two ships blow up, you may yet win by the third.

You may choose from a variety of options using the auto-collect choice. You can use auto-collect buttons at any time during the round by clicking them.


SmartSoft’s JetX3 is not a typical casino game. It differs from SmartSoft’s flagship game, JetX. When bets are placed, three starships take off and there are three chances to earn money. The game has a pre-determined RTP of 97% like in Aviator Crash Game. There are one, two, and three simultaneous bets on the same flight. The game includes automated betting as well as auto-collection. The height of the flight is not restricted; it may continue to infinity. If one or two ships explode, players have a chance to win if the third plane survives.

JetX3 offers various specialties and a beautiful appearance, which makes this game interesting to both players and spectators. At each round, three spacecraft are launched from the planet heading into space, but one, two, or all three of them might blow up at any time. The game also includes interaction elements such as chat, statistics, betting history, and an active bets list that may be shared. The ability to share thoughts adds to the game’s excitement level.

Jetx3 Game Freequently Asked Questions

What is the average position of JetX3 in the online casino lobbies?

When you first start a new game, it will be on the front page or in the NEW games category. If you can't spot it, try using the search function.

What is the minimum bet on JetX3?

The minimum wager is 0.10€, and you can bet on one, two, or three spaceships. So the maximum stake is either 0.10€ or 0.30€

What is the maxumum bet on JetX3?

The maximum stake is 300€, and you can compete in one or three spaceships. So either 300€ or 900€

Is Jet X available on mobile devices?

Of course, it is. It's compatible with all current devices, including PCs, tablets, and smartphones.

Where can I play Jet X for real money?

Take a look at our list of the top JetX and JetX3 casinos to play. Don't forget to claim your welcome bonus before playing this slot machine because it comes with a welcome bonus that you must first take advantage of.

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