JetX Game

JetX Game

JetX from 'SmartSoft Gaming' is a fantastic new online game you should try now.
  • You can play and bet on sports at any time or place with the JetX mobile app.
  • The innovative application, which allows players to get lost in the thrilling world of the JetX bet game: control the plane and win anywhere, brings it all to life.
  • The three level jackpot feature is exciting.
  • It's possible to lose money if the plane crashes before you reach your goal multiplier.
  • No one knows when the aircraft will crash, so it's vital to be aware of the dangers involved in playing JetX.
jetx Game

jetx Game

The game is very simple. It’s a lot like the Aviator crash game. The player may select whatever amount he wishes for his winning goal, up to 999,999x his wager. A space ship rises into the air at a speed of 1 per second either exponentially or catastrophically. The pilot will designate an altitude at which he plans to eject. If the pilot flies above that height before the spaceship detonates, he will win both the product of his bet and the height where he ejected.

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Graphics and Design

Players will immediately notice vintage, old-school vibes when they begin their JetX gaming sessions. In fact, the game’s retro appearance is what sets it apart and makes it appealing. Players see pixelated aircraft as they fly across the screen during their gaming sessions. The background of the game is simple, with black and gray clouds. Players may also win their money by pressing the collect button while the aircraft flies, as well as increase their bets and quit the game at any time. The game also shows all players’ wagers, history, and overall winning and losing tallies.

Jet-X Game

Jet-X Game

Jet-X game rules

  • The player will bet a certain amount and a target goal for his or her winnings ranging from 1.01 to 999,999 times their wager amount.
  • After the betting time, which lasts about 7 seconds, a spacecraft will take off.
  • The multiplier (or take-off elevation) is 1.

One of two things will happen every 1/7 of a second, one of which is this:

  • With about a 99% chance, the multiplier will rise by around 1%.
  • With a 1% chance of exploding, the spaceship has a good chance of doing so.
  • If the spaceship does not explode, then if the new multiplier is greater than or equal to the player’s winning goal, the pilot will eject and the player will win (on a “for one” basis) his winning goal.
  • Go back to Rule 4 if the spaceship didn’t explode.

The player may make one or two bets on various multipliers in the same game, making matters even more bewildering. If the player does so, there will be two pilots in the spaceship, ejecting at different heights as chosen by the player.

The player does not have to wager during the 5.6-second interval between matches, but he may do so at any time until the end of the current game. To keep repeating the same bets indefinitely, he may also put the game on autoplay.

How to play JetX?

Each player in JetX places one or more bets, attempting to forecast when the plane will crash. The higher the multiplier of your bet grows, the longer the plane flies. You may wager between €0.10 and €300 each round. It’s possible for it to go down at any second, even if there is a 1.00 multiplier on it. There is no limit as to how high up in the sky (range 1 to infinity) the aircraft may fly.

The aim of the game is to cash out before the jet plane blows up. Your bet will be lost as soon as the aircraft crashes. Will you play it safe and cash out early, or are you a player that wants to take risks and hit these high multipliers?

During a game round, thousands of gamers are betting on the same plane at the same time. As the round goes on, other players cash out. Will your choices be influenced by theirs?

Auto-withdraw or manual withdraw

You have two choices when it comes to cash outs. You can either do it manually whenever you feel like it, or you can use the auto-withdraw setting. You may set a goal multiplier at which you will automatically exit the current round with this option. Of course, if the plane crashes before this stated multiplier, you lose your money.

It’s also possible to withdraw manually after enabling auto-withdraw. This is why some gamers employ a mid to high multiplier, such as 20-30, and withdraw manually before reaching this point if they believe the aircraft is about to crash.

Three level jackpot

The bonus round in JetX is also exciting. It’s a three-level jackpot feature that adds even more interest to the game. What are the chances of winning these jackpots? The plane will fly through three levels while progressing: Planet, Galaxy, and Space. Each of these levels has its own unique jackpot. If the jackpot is won, you will get your proportion of the pool.

JetX Betting Game

JetX Betting Game

What is the best JetX strategy?

The greatest approach to deal with an emergency is to be calm and withdraw as soon as possible. It’s also a good idea to utilize the auto-withdraw feature, since it can assist you reduce your losses if the plane crashes.

Of course, no one knows when the aircraft will crash, so it’s vital to be aware of the dangers involved in playing JetX. However, if you employ the methods outlined above, you’ll improve your chances of winning significantly.

Betting big on a low multiplier & betting low on a high multiplier

This is a frequent JetX approach. They make a huge investment with a low multiplier and auto-withdraw, then they place a modest wager on a high multiplier during the same round. The aim of this method is to reduce risk while trying to stay balanced by making the significant bet. The primary aim of this technique is to limit risk while attempting if feasible to obtain recurring wins and maintain your balance steady, by making the large bet. To try for an enormous multiplier that may raise your balance, this small stake is necessary.

For example, to boost your earnings, bet €6 on the left with a 1.40 multiplier, and another €0.5 on a x30, x50, or even x100 multiplier on the other hand. Of course, we recommend that you make your bets proportionate to your balance so that your session doesn’t suddenly end.

Play volatile and cash out as soon as possible

Another alternative is to utilize a high-risk, volatile approach. The objective of this technique is to wager significantly more than usual and get out on low multiples. For the record, JetX’s lowest multiplier is x1.35. It’s critical to have recurring revenue and cash out as soon as you’ve earned enough money.

JetX Bet at Mobile App

The JetX mobile app is the finest casino software available. You may play your preferred casino games and place bets on sports at any time or place with this outstanding mobile program! The innovative application, which allows players to get lost in the thrilling world of the JetX bet game: control the plane and win anywhere, brings it all to life. Right now, install the mobile app on your smartphone and sit back while flying towards victory in the Jetx betting game!


Is JetX legit?

Yes, JetX is secure against external influences and gets a randomized rotation.

How is the JetX win calculated?

Your payout is the amount you won multiplied by a factor you bet on.

How JetX Jackpots are played?

If your bet is at least $1 and your multiplier is more than 1.5, you could win the jackpots.

How to play JetX

Stop the JetX casino model before it reaches its inevitable explosion and win by a factor displayed on the screen (which grows all the time). If an aircraft ignites, you must repeat your wager.

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