Bonus Buy Slots

Bonus buy features in online slots have rapidly grown in popularity over the past few years. Also known as “feature buy” or “buy bonus” slots, these games give players the exciting option to instantly unlock rewarding bonus rounds by paying a fee, instead of having to randomly trigger them during gameplay. This innovative mechanic empowers you to take slots volatility into your own hands.

But how exactly do bonus buys work, and what makes certain titles stand out? This guide will explore everything you need to know about these thrilling new slots, from their origins and different styles to tips and strategies for maximizing your experience. Read on to uncover the engaging world of bonus buy slots!

The Origins of Bonus Buy Slots

While the ability to “buy” access to bonus slots features may seem like a recent phenomenon, the concept first emerged back in 2017 courtesy of pioneering developer Big Time Gaming. Their groundbreaking release White Rabbit introduced the gaming world to bonus buys through its signature Feature Drop mechanic.

By allowing players to pay a fixed fee in exchange for instant access to free spins, White Rabbit circumvented the usual need to endlessly spin reels hoping for bonus triggers. Impatient players could now unlock coveted features immediately. This small innovation proved hugely impactful.

White Rabbit also integrated collectible tokens into gameplay. These tokens provided opportunities to earn towards reduced buy-in costs or even free activation. This added an exciting strategic element to bonus buys. Players were incentivized to balance directly buying access versus collecting tokens to enable discounts.

With White Rabbit paving the way, the bonus buy format rapidly gained traction across the industry. Today practically every major studio offers slot titles containing instant bonus unlocks. This fan-favorite mechanic empowers you to dictate when bonuses commence, rather than leaving your fate solely to chance reels.

Buy Feature in Online Slots

Buy Feature in Online Slots

How Bonus Buy Slots Work

While specifics vary between titles, the core functionality of bonus buy slots remains consistent. During the base game, you’ll notice a Feature Buy or Bonus Buy button, generally located below the reels or in a top menu. Clicking this button allows purchasing immediate access to special features like free spins, jackpot wheels, or other bonus events.

Each game sets specific prices for buying access to these rewards. Costs typically scale from 50x to 500x your bet amount, aligning with the expected value payouts. For example, at a $1 wager, you might pay $50 to trigger 10 free spins, or $200 to activate 20 spins with added wilds. High roller titles can charge buy-ins up to 5000x!

This ability to instantly jump into lucrative bonus modes adds an engaging risk vs reward element. While buy-ins require upfront investment, the potential feature payouts often exceed what you’d likely win through standard spins alone. Bonus buys put you in the driver’s seat.

Popular Variations

Bonus buy slots showcase creativity through diverse formats and options beyond basic single-feature unlocks. Some common variations include:

  • Multi-level buys – After an initial purchase, you can gamble to upgrade to better bonuses.
  • Variable pricing – Different features have individual costs based on their payout potential.
  • Multiple buys – Several bonus events like free spins and wheels are each available for separate purchase.
  • Tokens/discounts – Collect in-game tokens to earn price reductions on future buys.
  • Free spin choices – Select either high or low volatility spins when purchasing access.
  • Bonus upgrade potential – Certain special symbols may appear during bought rounds to trigger expanded features.

These myriad styles keep bonus buy slots fresh. Be sure to assess each game’s specific unlock options before buying.

Choosing the Right Titles

Hundreds of bonus buy slots now exist, so which should you play? Consider these key factors when selecting titles:

  • Theme – An engaging theme you enjoy can greatly enhance the experience. Try slots that match your interests.
  • Volatility – Assess your risk appetite. High volatility slots provide bigger but less frequent payouts, while low volatility offers smaller but more consistent wins.
  • Special Features – The actual bonuses being purchased are critical. Ensure they provide solid value proportional to their buy-in cost.
  • RTP – Look for games with return-to-player over 95% for better odds in the long run.

Bonus Buy Slots Demo

One of the best parts of playing slots online is having the ability to try games in free play demo modes before risking real money. Many leading studios now offer demo versions of their bonus buy slots, allowing you to test out purchasing bonus round access using virtual credits. For example, providers like Pragmatic Play and ELK Studios enable sampling the bonus buy features in popular titles like Gates of Olympus, Sweet Bonanza, and Diamond Mine Megaways without any cost. Trying these games in practice mode lets you learn the nuances of different bonus buy mechanics, volatility, and payout structures before transitioning to real wagers. However, some studios do restrict free play access on certain new releases or mega-hits for a period of time after launch. So it’s always wise to verify bonus buy demo availability before assuming you can preview the features for free. Taking advantage of free modes enables making informed decisions before buying bonus access using real cash.

Best Bonus Buy Slots

Best Bonus Buy Slots

Top Bonus Buy Slots

If ready to jump into real money bonus buy gameplay, these heterogeneous titles deliver top-tier experiences:

  • Money Train (Relax Gaming) – This mega-hit sequel sets new standards for bonus buys. Its Money Cart Bonus has multiple buy-in tiers reaching up to 20 free spins with added wilds and 50,000x max payouts!
  • Gates of Olympus (Pragmatic Play) – Embark on an epic Greek odyssey in this hit slot from Pragmatic. Purchase 15 highly rewarding spins for 100x your bet and prepare for immense payout potential with over 50,000x wins possible.
  • Mental (Nolimit City) – This macabre title tempts you to spend big for bonus access. A whopping 2,000x buy-in triggers Utter Madness mode and its reels overloaded with wilds for extreme wins.
  • Diamond Mine Megaways (Big Time Gaming) – From the bonus buy pioneers themselves comes this mining adventure with up to 117,649 paylines. Buying 12 spins with multiplier wilds costs 250x but can uncover some real gems through the mine’s tunnels.
  • Sweet Bonanza (Pragmatic Play) – Unlock unlimited free spins in this candy-filled classic by purchasing the Sugar Bomb feature for 100x your wager. Then prepare for the big wins to keep pouring in until the Bonanza capper is finally hit.

Mastering Bonus Buys

Bonus buy features provide thrilling access to unlocking slots jackpots instantly. But exercising caution remains critical amidst their interactive volatility. Here are key tips for success:

  • Try before buying – Explore bonus costs, rules and payouts using free play demo modes prior to spending real money. Observe feature volatility in practice rounds first.
  • Set strict limits – Determine caps for how much you’ll invest in buys per session or per day. Stick to these limits and avoid chasing losses with emotional re-purchases.
  • Monitor bankroll impact – Watch your total expenditures on bonus buys. Their cost can rapidly compound with repeat purchases.
  • Consider risk/reward – Assess whether purchase prices offer proportional payout potential and value before committing funds.
  • Don’t chase losses – Avoid assuming that going “all-in” will eventually yield a big result. Persisting through repeated feature losses is a surefire way to overspend.
  • Follow game rules – Some slots require having sufficient cash balance before allowing buys. Others limit purchase frequency. Know the specifics of each game.

While bonus buy slots provide remarkable flexibility, they demand smart money management and controlled gambling. Used prudently, these games unlock an exciting new slots horizon. Try them and dictate your own jackpot fate today! But always gamble responsibly.

Bonus Free Spins

Bonus Free Spins

Max Winnings in Bonus Rounds

One appealing aspect of purchasing access to bonus rounds is their frequently massive max win potential. Top bonus buy slots often advertise potential maximum payouts reaching 50,000x or even 100,000x the buy-in amount. For example, a game that offers bonus entry for 100x your bet may provide a ceiling of 50,000x for total wins from that feature. So at $1 per spin, buying access for $100 could in theory yield a jaw-dropping $5,000,000 jackpot! Of course, these advertised ceilings are very rare. But the disproportionately large maximums add to the excitement and perception of sizable returns from buying bonus access. With some titles allowing re-triggering bonuses or extending play, the ceiling gets pushed even higher. While most buys won’t reach such lofty sums, the ceiling leaves room for that once-in-a-lifetime score only bonus features can deliver.


While purchasing access to bonus rounds can provide exciting rewards, this feature also poses some risks to be aware of. The instant ability to trigger bonuses can promote irresponsible gambling behaviors, as players chase losses or overspend in hopes of hitting a big win. Even with proper bankroll management, repeatedly buying bonus access can quickly drain balances as costs compound with each purchase. The high volatility and payout potential of bonus modes may tempt players togo “all in” trying to maximize winnings. However, restraint remains critical. There are no guarantees of profiting from bought bonuses, regardless of the upfront investment. Setting strict limits on bonus buys per session, monitoring overall expenditures, and avoiding emotional reactions to wins or losses are key to mitigating risks. While bonus purchases promise shortcuts to jackpots, they still ultimately rely on chance. Maintaining perspective and controlled gambling habits help offset the risks of impulsive overspending.

Buying Bonus in Money Train Slot

Buying Bonus in Money Train Slot

UK’s Controversial Ban on Bonus Buys

In an effort to promote responsible gambling, the UK Gambling Commission has imposed a controversial ban on bonus buy features in online slots. This strict regulation prohibits licensed UK gaming sites from offering slots that contain the ability to purchase instant access to bonuses like free spins or jackpot wheels.

Authorities determined that on-demand bonus buys could increase the risk of problematic gambling and excessive spending. However, as bonus buys grow ubiquitous worldwide, many question whether this hardline stance is necessary. Some speculate the UKGC may revisit its bonus buy prohibition in the future.

For now, UK players keen on trying bonus buy slots must turn to reputable offshore online casinos that accept British customers. These sites licensed under jurisdictions like Curacao or Malta enable access to popular bonus buy titles typically restricted for Brits. The UKGC ban remains divisive, but offshore options offer workarounds for enthusiastic slots fans.


Bonus buy features represent an exciting innovation in slot machine play. Their ability to provide on-demand access to jackpot-packed bonus rounds adds an entirely new dimension of slots volatility and engagement.

Yet with the power to instantly enter rewarding features comes increased responsibility. Players must be mindful of gambling limits and carefully weigh the risk/reward ratios before each purchase. Used prudently and cautiously, bonus buy slots provide unmatched flexibility and thrilling interactive experiences.

So if you’re ready to take your slots destiny into your own hands, choose your favorite bonus buy titles from leading providers like Big Time Gaming, Nolimit City, Relax Gaming and Pragmatic Play. Just be sure to try their demos first, start small to assess outcomes, and above all gamble responsibly. With the right balance, bonus buys can help unlock the mammoth jackpot every slot lover dreams of!


What are bonus buy slots?

Bonus buy slots give players the option to pay a fee in order to instantly trigger rewarding bonus features like free spins, jackpot wheels, and more. This lets you activate bonuses at will instead of waiting to randomly hit bonus triggers during gameplay.

How do I buy bonus features?

Look for the Feature Buy or Bonus Buy button, check the price, ensure your balance covers the cost, and click to purchase access. Prices usually range from 50x to 500x your bet amount.

Are bonus buy slots available in free play demo?

Many providers allow trying bonus buy features for free in practice mode before risking money. But some do restrict demos for certain games. Always check free play access before assuming you can test bonus buys.

What types of bonus buys are there?

Popular variations include multi-level buying, variable price points, multiple bonus events to purchase, discounts or tokens earned during play, and choices between different free spin volatility modes.

Do bonus buys guarantee winning features?

No, results still come down to chance like regular slots. The purchased bonus rounds have potential for bigger payouts but aren't guaranteed. You're simply paying for the opportunity, not the outcome.

Are bonus buys a good bet compared to waiting for random triggers?

There's no definitive answer, since random volatility makes it unpredictable whether it's cheaper to buy access versus waiting through base gameplay. Each option represents a gamble.

What are the risks of bonus buys?

The instant access can lead to overspending as wins excite you to re-purchase quickly while losses tempt you to chase. Bankrolls can disappear rapidly. Bonus buys enable high volatility so require caution.

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